So ends another year.

After spending 2018 meandering around Asia, Australasia and Europe in a state of funemployment, 2019 was much less exotic. We moved back to Oxford, took up shiny new jobs, and enjoyed the comforts of living under a roof not made of silnylon.

But while there's been no continent-hopping this year, we've still found time to fit in a solid smattering of more local adventuring - both on foot and on bike.

And the bike has been the biggest development - and frankly one much overdue. In the spring I bought my first 'proper' bike, a secondhand Genesis CDA 10. With 40mm tires, a chunky aluminium frame and entry-level components, I certainly wasn't going to be breaking any records on it.

But that was fine. What I wanted was a bike that could carry me, a tent and a sleeping bag along potholed roads, easy trails and back country lanes. And the Genesis has served that purpose beautifully. It's taken me through Wales, Scotland, Germany, France and Spain, on tarmac, gravel, dirt and grass. Sure, I've had to push it up a few slopes, and I'm generally at the tail end of Strava segment leaderboards - but I don't mind at all.

Here's a brief summary on some of this year's marvellous mini and not-so-mini adventures. Click to read more about each!

April - Cycled 140 miles across Wales

May - Cycled 400 miles through Germany and France (and got injured :( )

June - Summer solstice wild bivvy

June - Brecon Beacons fastpacking

July - Cycled 60 miles around the Isle of Wight

August - Ran 50 miles along the South Downs Way

August - Cycled Northern Spain and South France - trip report coming soon...

September - Hiked 65 miles of the Snowdonia Way

September - Cycled the Hebridean Way - trip report coming soon...

October - Ran the Oxford Half Marathon

Here's to more silly adventures in 2020 (and less injuries ideally).